JIANGSU MODERN MASSAGIST SCHOOL is founded under the approval of Jiangsu Province Ministry of Labour And Social Security and Jiangsu Province Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is the first training school for primary, middle and senior health-care massagists in China. University professor, associate professor, chief physician and massage technician form the teaching staff. The teaching content is the followings. The basic theory of Chinese traditional medical, diagnostics of Chinese traditional medical, the study of main and collateral channels, the study of acupoint, the basic knowledge of anatomy, the basic knowledge of massage, massage technique, beauty massage, lose-weight massage, infantile massage, keep-fit massage, medical massage, foreign massage, etc. Our school enroll the students around the year and opens at every 8th, the training period is 45 days. After the training and passing the examinations you can get the the Certificate of Vocational Training Completion and the Vocational Qualification Certificate of Massagist of the People's Republic of China from our school. All our students can open his/her business or find a job with these certificates in all China and the certificates are also available overseas. Our school provides the integrated services of teaching, lodging, transaction of certificate, obtaining employment for our students and we are strictly observing the charging standard approved by Jiangsu Province Price Bureau. Our school strictly control the teaching quality and we ensure you can grasp the skills and knowledge after the training and you can get the certificates(for those persons who did not get the certificates he/she can continue the studying till he/she grasp all knowledge without extra tuition.).

COST    (Unit:Yuan)

Class expense
Elementary class 890 Including Accomadation、Test、Books/Materials、Dress Cost 
Secondary class 1290
Senior class 1690
Special class 3600
Reflex therapy 900
Acupuncture class 600

Meals bought in school dining-room by yourself, 5-10 Yuan a day. And you can take part in day-class and night-class at the same time.

Our school got the approbation from some departments of government by our unique teaching method and training quality. In May, 2001 we held a training course for all China Blind Massage Key Teachers in Nanjing under the commission of China Blind Massage Center. In this June and July we accepted the teaching task for All-China Massage Key Teachers Training Course and Appraiser Training Course held in Lanzhou and Beijing.

Till now our students spread over the China and there are 36 students went to Japan, America, Canada, New Zealand and other countries to serve people there and win the honor for our country.

Skill Operation
Theory Examination
Enter into the social and serve people

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