GE MINGTANG comes from Yancheng, born in May,1951. He is a bachelor, professor, the member of Health Massage Experts Committee of the State Vocational Skills Appraisal Experts Committee and the headmaster of Jiangsu Modern Massagist School. He loves natural sciences since childhood , studies the relation between human beings and nature and the hominine life sciences, studies the naturopathy intensively. He studied in the major of acupuncture and massage of Nanjing Chinese Traditional Medical College. He paid great concentration to study the magnetic therapy, musicotherapy, phototherapy, water therapy, color therapy, foot therapy, diet therapy, Pigu therapy, scraping treatment, qigong, acupuncture, massage, music/chess/painting/calligraphy, hand therapy, kinesitherapy, psychotherapy and other subjects successively. It forms its characteristics after his own experience and summarizing. In the recent years he has put his own knowledge into the practice, recuperates hundreds of patients triumphantly and gains outstanding achievement in some common diseases such as losing weight, removing of gall-stone and renal calculus, stomach intestine diseases, sugar diabetes, hypertension, cervical spondylopathy, waist soreness and notalgia, dizzy, headache, etc. so he also got many appraise from attendants.

In the recent years he published a series of papers during studying the mechanism of naturopathy. In November, 1998 he was invited to the take part in the No.10 Science & Peace Week's Campaign of the U.N. Beijing. He readout and released his paper --- "Study and Exercise Qigong Science with Scientific Attitude" in the first advanced proseminar about . The actuality and future of Chinese qigong. In his paper he deprecated the bad status of qigong circle and brought forward using the realistic spirit and scientific attitude to explode the superstition, study and explore the qigong science and serve people's health. In May, 1999 he was invited to attend the Science Proseminar of Chinese Traditional Medical Development in the 21st Century by Chinese Medical Association and he readout and released the paper --- "People Will Pay Much More Welcome to Chinese Naturopathy in the 21st Century". In May, 2000 he was invited to attend the Technology Proseminar of Modern Medical Science & Technology Research Progress and Application by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and he readout and released the paper --- " Chinese Naturopathy is a Perfect Medical System". In April, 2001 he was invited to attend the Senior Proseminar of Discussion about the "10th Five- year Planning" Development by Chinese Modern Reformers --- Times Models held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Biejing. He readout and released the paper --- "Massage is the Treasure of Chinese Traditional Medical". In November, 2001 he was invited to attend the meeting of " Chinese Social & Economic Forum in 2001" held in People's Congress Hall and he released the paper --- "To Develop Massage is Aiding the Social Stability & Economic Development". He was awarded as the "Chinese Success Persons" in medical care field in this meeting.

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